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Legal Resources

Know Your Systems

These resources contain information to expose and explain the criminal justice system and the steps you can expect if you or a loved one has an open case.

Work with an Attorney

These resources can help you to communicate and work with a lawyer, who is your number one go-to for any issues related to your case.

Create a Social Bio

This is a collection of documents, character letters, photographs, and other evidence to show a judge and jury who you are -- painting a picture of the person beyond the charges on paper and showing them how much the community needs you free.

Prepare for Trial

 If your case is going to trial, make sure you educate yourself on these topics

After a Trial 

 Next steps to take if you or a loved one has been found guilty

  • Rule 521 - About bail after a guilty verdict

  • Notes on Appeals - How to request that a higher court either dismisses your charges or gives you a new trial following a guilty verdict (training delivered by Owen Larrabee)

  • Writing a Pardon Letter - Example guide if you want to request a pardon after serving a sentence

  • Sealing Records - Expungements are a way to seal your criminal record. Even in cases resulting in a not guilty finding or those dropped from prosecution, the charges remain on your record until you seek expungement.

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